Vocational Training.

You are young, inquisitive, interested in and curious about technology, or prefer commerce and would like to know what training possibilities there are for you at Winning BLW GmbH? We conduct vocational training for various jobs in our production facilities.

Practical / Dissertations.

A dissertation, coupled with practical experience, allows you to gain hands-on experience of working life at an early stage. Winning BLW GmbH provides this opportunity. We offer practicals and dissertation opportunities, nationally and internationally.

University graduates.

University graduates with a diploma or doctorate can be recruited directly into Winning BLW GmbH, or enter a one-year trainee program. Recruitment generally takes place based upon agreed objectives. We are particularly looking for engineering graduates from courses such as mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and economics. The vacancies cover all functional divisions

Trainee program.

In addition to the familiarisation with the final role, similar to direct entry, as a trainee you will also go through two further work placements at home and abroad. The one-year trainee program includes support.


We offer applicants with professional experience the opportunity to assume responsible positions. Our company in the Business Unit Powertrain offers you extensive opportunities for development. You can actively manage your prospects – we provide a suitable framework: with a comprehensive seminar and training programme, as well as international exchange programs. If you would like?

We’ll see you.

We offers you the opportunity to get to know us better by participating in various events such as fairs and shows. We are looking forward to your visit!

Frequently Asked Questions.


Does Winning BLW GmbH Präzisionsschmiede offer practicals?
Winning BLW GmbH Präzisionsschmiede regularly offers practicals. Please kontakt our contact persons directly.

What are the preconditions I need to fulfil for a practical?
Good high school graduation and study results, coupled with high levels of motivation, are the general requirements for a practical at Winning BLW GmbH Präzisionsschmiede. Furthermore, some other preconditions must be fulfilled. However, these depend on the respective field in which the practical is to take place. We generally give preference to students studying relevant subjects.

Will I be paid during my practical?
Payment is generally between € 0 and € 750 per month of employment.

Are there any opportunities at Winning BLW GmbH Präzisionsschmiede to do a practical abroad?
In principle, the same applies in this case as with domestic practicals. However, it is much more difficult to obtain a practical training place at our foreign companies. The longer the period of training, the better the chances are of obtaining a practical training place.

What preconditions do I have to fulfil for a practical abroad?
Preconditions include a good command of the language of the respective country and, if necessary, willingness to pay the costs of travel to and from the country, as well as accommodation, out-of-pocket expenses and possibly no remuneration from the company concerned. There are also country-specific preconditions (e.g. residence and work permits etc.), which are best clarified with the respective foreign company.


Does Winning BLW GmbH Präzisionsschmiede also support dissertations?
Yes, Winning BLW GmbH Präzisionsschmiede also supports dissertations.

What preconditions do I have to fulfil for dissertation support?
You need to have studied steadily and with good performance and also have selected a subject that is appropriate to the subject of your intended dissertation. Further preconditions depend upon the actual topic.

Will Winning BLW GmbH Präzisionsschmiede pay me during the dissertation phase?
Payment during the dissertation phase depends on the scope of support and the significance of the subject to Winning BLW GmbH Präzisionsschmiede. You should clarify payment after agreement of the subject with the kontakt person concerned.

Can I also write my dissertation abroad?
Theoretically this is also possible. However, there are frequently problems with the corresponding organisation, particularly when personal consultation with the professor supporting the dissertation or assistants is required.

Entry into a profession for university graduates

Does Winning BLW GmbH Präzisionsschmiede offer a trainee program?
Typical entry for junior academics after graduation is the trainee program.

What does direct entry mean?
In the case of direct entry, you immediately receive an unlimited contract of employment, with an appropriate probationary period. You will work immediately in a specific position. In contrast to the trainee program, you do not gain an insight into the other functional divisions by working through the various departments. However, we attempt to widen your view of the complete organisation with exchanges of experience, seminars and in day-to-day work.

What preconditions do I need to fulfil for entry into a profession at Winning BLW GmbH Präzisionsschmiede?
People with a proven track record are important to us. If your previous performance was good and you have already demonstrated motivation and commitment, then you already fulfil the main preconditions. Over and above this, there is job-specific specialist knowledge, which can be key to the recruitment of an applicant. Finally, there is the personal impression, gained by interview.

Are there fixed entry dates?
In principle, recruitment within Winning BLW GmbH is based upon requirement. Thus, there are no fixed entry dates and therefore no fixed application dates.

Opportunities for applicants with professional experience

Does Winning BLW GmbH Präzisionsschmiede also recruit applicants with professional experience?
In principle, we fill management positions from within the company wherever possible. In doing so, we provide our employees with corresponding development possibilities. However, employees sometimes come to us who already have professional experience (so-called lateral entrants). In this case, we would recommend that you regularly look in our jobs market under Jobs / professional experience for suitable opportunities.

Can I also apply with professional experience on my own initiative?
You can of course send us your application detailing your professional experience.

Study sponsorship

Is there study sponsorship in your company?
Winning BLW GmbH Konzern sponsors students in various faculties. In addition to financial sponsorship, there is also mentorship during the entire study period, including accompanying seminars, practicals, theses and dissertations, as well as a network of more than 125 students.


Does Winning BLW GmbH Präzisionsschmiede also support doctorates?
There is no current program to support doctorates. This requires an individual analysis and depends upon the opportunities available at the time.

How should I apply to Winning BLW GmbH Präzisionsschmiede?
Here are our contact persons, to whom you can send your written application.

Do you accept online applications?
In principle we would like original applications with covering letter, resume, photo and reports/certificates. If you are responding to a particular advertisement and online applications are permitted, then you should select this method. However, we do not recommend sending an email application on your own initiative.