The newly formed company resides in three plants, Remscheid, Duisburg and Munich, has an annual turnover of 200 million euros and a thousand employees. Both Winning Group and EP industries hold 50 percent of the voting rights. Sebastian Wagner, the sole shareholder of the Winning Group investment group, which focuses on construction, engineering, development and industrial-automotive sectors, has managerial control.

“The partnership with EPI is a significant step forward for Winning Group and its further growth in the automotive sector, we see significant potential for further development through acquisitions. The agreement with a strong partner was a logical step for us and I am very pleased with its closure, ” Wagner tells Forbes.

You can read the whole article with the comments of the partners here.

19. 1. 2021

Winning Group and EP industries have bought the German company SONA BLW in a joint venture. It will be integrated into the existing company holding under the name Winning Automotive.

8. 12. 2020

Winning Group a.s. and EP Industries a.s. established a joint venture via the company Winning Automotive a.s. Both partners jointly control the company, each of them holding 50% of voting rights whereas Winning Group nominated the company’s CEO and further supports the day to day business.

23. 11. 2020

Holding Winning Group announced on September 29, 2020 that the German company SONA BLW PRÄZISIONSSCHMIEDE GMBH will be included in its division.